SOT - Part 3 - Judy 91 yrs Young

Another youngster enjoying the tranquil calm waters located at the famous Cottesloe Beach Perth Western Australia.
I photographed Judy 1 day prior to her 91 st birthday joining her this morning were members of her family who also took to the water.

Judy Moyes

We are Moyes Family !

sea of tranquility or fountain of youth?

Today I am so excited in actually taking the first steps in my new multi media project in my very own old hometown of Perth located in Western Australia. Perth is known as the most isolated city in the world but hey there are some major advantages that come with that and one of them has to be the beautiful coastline I grew up surfing in with my brother.

I am back in Perth taking sometime out from the New York winter and have had this project in the back of my mind since my last visit in 2007 when I shot a series of images just to capture the amazing light down here. One of those images was of a elderly lady walking along the shoreline of Cottesloe as popular sheltered spot to dip the toes into the wonderful Indian Ocean.

Meeting Margaret Brown

As chance would have it 3 weeks ago I was done Cottesloe for my very own morning dip and who would I meet. Yep! The lady in the very same pokka dot beach bathrobe I photographed her wearing back 6 yrs ago. I simple walked up and introduced myself and she was so amazed when I showed her the image on my phone via my website.

Margaret informed me that she has lived and enjoyed the soothing waters of Cottlesloe for over 80 years, what a wonderful moment to actually spend some time with this amazing lady and share a little of both of our life's stories.

We will hear more of Margaret's story soon via my video interview series which will be presented alongside the portrait series.

Stay tuned for more from the "Sea of Tranquility"

difinition : The quality or state of being tranquil; serenity.

Margaret 2007

Margaret 2007

Margaret 2013

Margaret 2013